Thanks for choosing to complete our Future Talent Recruitment Diagnostic!
We're going to be asking you a series of questions relating to each different part of the recruitment process, just to see what you're doing and hopefully give you some food for thought on improving.
Let's go!
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Before we start - we'd like to tell you a bit about the scale we're going to be using for this survey. 

So, all questions are going to be answered on a scale of 0-10.

As the questions are focused on your Recruitment - the scale represents how often you do something. 

If you were to answer one of the questions with a 5 - you'd be telling us that you do it 50% of the time. If you were to answer a question with a 0 - you never do it.

Thanks for completing our survey! Keep an eye on your emails, as we'll be sending you a full report over the next couple of days.
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